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When I first downloaded this app’s v1.0 release a couple weeks ago it wasn’t great, but it did what it was supposed to: it displayed movie showtimes and theater listings. It wasn’t spectacular in any way, but at a cost of zero dollars it was adequate.
With the recent v1.2 update BoxOffice is still free (Paypal donations accepted) but the major difference is that now it’s awesome. In fact, it probably rivals similar movie apps that cost money… I can’t say that for sure because I’ve never tried any of those pay apps, and as long as BoxOffice is free I don’t see why I ever would.
Version 1.2 makes BoxOffice far more complete and allows you to find moves by title, by ranking (provided by Rotten Tomatoes), and by release date which is really nice – find out what just opened this week or look for older releases that are still showing on the big screen. The theater view puts your favorite movie theaters at the top and lists the rest by name or by distance. Once you’ve found a movie you get a thumbnail-sized movie poster and plot summary, plus you can watch the trailer via YouTube and read a ton of short reviews that link to full reviews in the iPhone’s web browser.  You can even buy tickets or look for showtimes on future dates if you want.
Of all the things I would ever want BoxOffice to do for my moviegoing experience, probably the only thing missing at this point would be links to IMDb (Internet Movie Database) which is a trivial but nice-to-have kind of thing. Other than that I think this app does a great job of delivering on everything it promises plus a little bit more.

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